Drone Inspections

Precisioneering offers Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drone) inspections for safety and regulatory compliance purposes. Additionally, we offer photography images/videos for Real Estate and other marketing-type needs. Our team of experienced and licensed FAA remote pilots, also are AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI) and/or ASNT visual inspection technicians. We provide accurate inspections that meet several safety and inspection standards including ASTM, AWS, and ASNT. We use only the latest technology and have all drones registered with the FAA under part 107. 

Drone Inspections completed by Precisioneering assist with employee safety, while reducing inspection costs and providing enhanced inspection documentation. Every industry including the amusement field has hard-to-reach areas to inspect, and drone inspections can assist while keeping your employees safe. We can perform various types of inspections on different structures including:

  • Amusement ride structures for corrosion, fastener, and weld inspections
  • Aerial Adventure Courses and associated cables, clamps, and trees
  • Utilities and cellular towers
  • Infrastructure including bridges, towers, and pipelines
  • Residential and commercial building
  • Solar Panels


We provide our clients with detailed accurate reports within 24-hrs of inspection, which include photos and/or videos, presented in a clear and organized manner. This is accomplished by following internal quality assurance policies and applicable internationally recognized standards. 

Amusement Ride Inspections

Precisioneering has a team of certified NAARSO and AIMS inspectors, including AWS Certified Weld Inspectors/Educators, for your needs.

Expert Witness

Jeff Borba, Owner of Precisioneering is a highly qualified expert witness for litigation proposes. Mr. Borba is frequently retained by legal firms nationwide to provide insight and testimony in cases involving amusement rides and devices including aerial adventure courses (zip lines and challenge courses), theme and water parks.  

Manufacturing Audits

Inspections shouldn’t start after ride installation or during commissioning. We have conducted numerous manufacturer audits during design, fabrication, assembly, and installation phases, which facilitate successful, time-sensitive openings.

Drone Inspections

Precisioneering offers Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drone inspections for safety and regulatory compliance including photography images/videos for Real Estate and other marketing type areas.

Welding Documentation & NDT Inspection

Precisioneering provides weld inspection and other NDT services by highly qualified technicians. We have several AWS Certified Weld Inspectors (CWI), Educators (CWE) and ASNT certified technicians with proven expertise and experience.


Technical Writing

Precisioneering and Knowledge Capture Services, Inc. have partnered to provide specialized technical writing and documentation in knowledge capture, technical knowledge, and information management.