Meet Our Awesome Staff/Partners!

Jeff Borba

Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the amusement ride industry including as a business owner, Director of Engineering, Maintenance/Operations Manager, and Technician. He maintains multiple certifications including NAARSO Level III (Senior), AIMS Professional Ride Inspector (PRI), AWS Certified Weld Inspector/Educator (CWI/CWE), ASNT NDT- VT, MT, PT Level II, FAA Remote Pilot, and state accreditations (California QSI). Jeff personally performs ride inspections/audits and manages small and large-scale projects for numerous high-profile clients domestically and internationally, while utilizing stringent ethics and a dedication to promoting compliance in the amusement industry. He has created and instructed various classes at the national industry seminars including AIMS, NAARSO, and ACCT, and for local and state agencies with continual positive reviews and feedback. Jeff volunteers in several national industry associations, holding positions such as NAARSO Board Member, ASTM F24.30 Subcommittee Chairperson, including Task Group Leader of F2974 “Auditing” and other F24 task groups.  As a highly qualified expert witness for litigation purposes, Jeff frequently is retained by legal firms nationwide to provide insight and testimony in cases involving amusement rides and devices including aerial adventure courses (zip lines and challenge courses), theme, and water parks. Jeff is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and a proud Veteran Small Business Owner. He constantly strives to ensure Precisioneering provides the highest-level service possible while utilizing extensive prior experience to assist owner/operators, manufacturers, AHJ’s (Authority Having Jurisdiction), and legal firms.
Lisa Borba

Lisa Borba

Prior to joining the family business full-time, Lisa worked in Human Resources management for over 20 years in the hospitality and real estate investment fields. She holds a BS degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is a former licensed Real Estate Broker. Her diverse background lends itself to managing Precisioneering’s administrative, legal, accounting and logistics functions. Lisa & Jeff have two daughters, Shannon and Sydney, who are their most important projects to date.

Tony Roan

Having over 35 years of experience in the amusement ride and entertainment production/rigging industry, Tony holds numerous certifications including NAARSO and AWS Certified Weld Inspector (CWI). He has performed ride inspections and QA/QC audits at the highest level for national and international clients, utilizing his proven foundations of fabrication and management. Tony’s past areas of audits include metal fabrication, fiberglass, overhead safety, zip lines and additional types of rides at major theme parks. His attention to detail and positive attitude makes him an inspector you’d want to see at your facility.

Rick Borba

With over 25 years of experience in the amusement ride and hotel engineering industry, Rick has conducted amusement ride inspections and audits for major theme park, water park and zip line clients throughout the United States. Rick brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in attraction maintenance engineering, welding, underwater construction and demolition diving. His certifications including NAARSO Inspector and CPO (Certified Pool Operator), combined with an immense attention to detail ensure a high level of inspection and documentation diligence. Rick is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy, having served nine years as a Seabee Underwater Construction and Demolition diver.

Bill Fransen

Bill has over 20 years of experience providing inspection services and managing inspection personnel throughout the amusement park industry. He began working in the inspection industry after graduating from the College of Oceaneering. He is certified as an ASNT Level II technician in Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, and Dye Penetrant Testing. Bill eventually started his own business, Fransen Inspection Technology, and now has a team of five ASNT certified Non-Destructive Testing technicians that have conducted inspections throughout the United States. He currently holds certifications as an AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI), ASNT Level II in Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, and Dye Penetrant Testing, International Code Council (ICC) Structural Welding & Bolting, and as a City and County of Los Angeles certified NDI testing agent. Bill has worked extensively with the largest corporations in the amusement park industry, providing in-depth inspection services for numerous projects. He is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy as a Seabee heavy equipment operator.

Chuck Ninomoto

Chuck started his technical career by graduating from the United States Navy's Nuclear Power School where he operated and maintained nuclear power plants in the U.S. Navy's Submariner Fleet. Chuck has been active in the amusement ride industry for over 25 years inspecting amusement rides and maintaining fire effects, robotics, and show action equipment for a major theme park. Chuck was a part of the team that formed the ride compliance department in response to the State of California's permanent amusement ride regulation. He has performed a wide variety of QC inspections and has comprehensive project management experience. While working in the amusement park industry he has earned many certifications including: NAARSO Inspector, AWS Certified Weld Inspector (CWI), State of California Qualified Safety Inspector (QSI), Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI), ASNT NDT- VT, MT, PT Level II, AIMS maintenance/operation and is a California licensed electrical contractor.

Steven Elduayen

Having over 15 years of experience performing inspection and testing throughout the amusement park industry, Steven began working in the inspection industry after graduating from the College of Oceaneering. He is certified as a Level II technician in several processes including Ultrasound, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, and AWS Visual Inspection. He is also certified with the International Code Council (ICC) Structural Steel Welding & Bolting, Sprayed Applied Fire Proofing, and County of Los Angeles Special Inspector Welding.

Joanne Price

Joanne Price is President of Knowledge Capture Services, Inc. She has been active in technical documentation, information design, knowledge capture, and training for more than 35 years. Joanne's experience includes work for consulting engineering firms, entertainment corporations, community colleges, and regulatory agencies. Her experience has shaped her understanding of best practices to support field staff in the complex, dynamic conditions of the workplace. Ms. Price was awarded a doctoral degree at the University of California, San Diego, in 2007. The focus of her study was workplace learning and how various perspectives of practice affect coordination and collaboration within the workplace. She has authored numerous textbooks and manuals for field staff technical training and certification.
- EdD, Workplace Learning-UCSD
- MA, Curriculum Design-UCSD
- BA, Political Science-Stanford University